What Are the Benefits of Direct Diode Laser Cutting?

27 May 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Direct diode laser cutters bring together diodes to create cutting laser beams. This technology gives these lasers some advantages over other cutting products. What are they?

Faster Cutting Speed

While all laser cutters work fast compared to older cutting tools, you do get variable working speeds depending on the technology you use. For example, fibre processes can take a little longer to cut. Their beams have more stages to go through before they reach the cutting surface.

Diode laser cutting machines are faster. Their beams go through fewer processes before they are ready to make a cut. This is a more direct process.

So, if you use this kind of technology, you can cut faster. If you complete jobs more quickly, then your productivity improves.

Higher Cut Quality

Different laser cutting machines produce different qualities of cut. For example, some technologies leave you with rougher edges around cuts than others especially if you work at speed on thicker metals.

Sometimes, you'll have to sacrifice speed to get the quality of cuts you need. For example, you might have to switch from using a faster fibre laser to a slower CO2 machine if you need your cuts to be free from rough edges.

Direct diode laser cutting machines are capable of producing high-quality cuts on all kinds of materials and thicknesses. Speed is not a problem here; these machines have more cutting stability. So, if cut quality matters on a job and you want to work fast, then these machines might be your best option.

More Material Versatility

It's important to choose a laser cutter that works on the materials you use. Some machines, such as fibre lasers, have problems working on reflective materials such as brass and copper. The laser will need protection against the effects of reflection.

Direct diode machines cope with different materials more reliably. They don't have the same reflection problems.

Better Efficiency

One of the ways you measure the efficiency of a laser cutter is wall-plug efficiency. This measure tells you how much of the power a machine uses is converted into its laser beam.

Some laser cutters have lower efficiency rates. For example, fibre lasers use brightness enhancement during the beam creation process. This procedure takes up more power.

Direct diode laser cutters have impressive wall-plug efficiency rates. They don't have additional stages, such as enhancers, so their direct method of operation makes them more energy-efficient. You get better results using less energy.

To find out more about direct diode laser cutting and its benefits, contact laser cutting specialists.