The Benefits of the Pallet Steel Cage Compared to the Standard Pallet

9 March 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The standard pallets that are used to transport and store product in most factories and warehouses are cheap and widely used; however, they do have some obvious drawbacks. While standard pallets are stackable, depending on the type of product that is stored on them, they are not overly strong or safe, nor can they protect goods during transport or provide secure storage from theft or unwanted access.

Pallet steel cages, also called stillages, are an alternative to standard pallets. They are constructed from high-quality steel and offer a much stronger, more secure way of handling goods. Ideally suited for heavy or high-stacking loads, a pallet cage is versatile and can be custom made to order, depending on the size and shape of the product that needs to be transported and stored.

The main benefits of using pallet steel cages:

  • Most importantly, pallet steel cages allow the safe and secure transport and storage of warehouse goods. The special, custom-built design offers product of varying sizes and shapes protection during transport while allowing them to be stored easily and securely. The thing that makes them superior to standard pallets is primarily the steel cage, which prevents goods from getting lost or damaged during transportation, and also prevents any product from falling off the pallets while in storage. Some also have additional security features, such as hinged doors and locks that help prevent unwanted access to the valuable goods.
  • Another important benefit of steel cages over basic pallets is that they are made from strong and durable, fully welded galvanised steel with a quality finish, so they will last much longer than ordinary pallets while offering far greater value for money. They are manufactured to comply with the highest quality standards and conform to all relevant engineering guidelines, making them reliable as well as safe.
  • Some steel cages are designed to be collapsible so that they can be folded and stored away when not needed. This space-saving feature means that goods of various shapes and sizes can be stacked neatly without any unnecessary space being taken up on the warehouse or factory floor, and it also helps to reduce freight costs. Additionally, pallet cages are manufactured with a special foot design that allows them to be free stacked, so pallet racking or stacking frames are not necessary.
  • As with the ordinary pallet, the pallet steel cage is designed to be used with forklifts, so there is no need to use special equipment to transport or stack it. Since it allows warehouse goods to be moved securely with minimal chance of damage, it contributes to a safer working environment.