New CAD Drafting Features That Will Benefit Your Designs

8 February 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Computer-aided design (CAD) drafting refers to the extensive use of software to develop technical drawings and designs. These drawings could be a representation of a building, machinery, site or any other structure that you want to build. The process relies on software, which means that you can get better features and results after choosing the latest software in the market. Going for the latest software allows you to access an improved suite of tools for making high-quality designs within a short time. There is also a lesser chance of running into computer bugs and errors from older software. Here is a piece detailing some of the new CAD drafting features available on the latest software.

Intuitive Coordination Modelling 

Intuitive coordination modelling allows the CAD specialist to perform several tasks with relative ease. Apart from the standard insert options like scale, rotation and insertion point, the CAD artist can hide or show geometry in the model to test the appearance of the structure. It allows them to visualize the model in different ways within the current drawing, and they can make changes to enhance the functional and aesthetic appeal of the model. 

The intuitive coordination model also comes with settings for opacity and colour. These settings allow the modelling expert to highlight the differences between the coordination model and the drawing.

Exposure Palette and Render Environment

Thanks to software enhancement, you can now enjoy exposure palettes and a new render environment that makes life easier for your design team and improves the final results. These two features allow the designer to adjust the photographic exposure of the model alongside its image-based lighting. The photographic exposure allows the designer to change the exposure levels of the light in any scene and alter the white balance for a clearer exhibition of the model. On the other hand, image-based lighting enhances the contrast between the exposed section and sections with shadows. You can rely on it to make changes ensure proper lighting in areas within your interior space. 

Accurate Documentation 

Documentation is a critical component of CAD design. For engineers, builders and other technicians, CAD designs do not make sense unless they are appropriately documented. The best software allows smart dimensioning and sneak previews for these experts to get a quick overview of what the whole design entails. Moreover, the software also offers ribbon galleries for intuitive and fast workflow for any user relying on the CAD designs. The objective is to reduce the time needed to make sense of what the CAD design is about.

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