Do You Know the Technology That Goes Into Fabricating Your Metal Parts?

28 December 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Metal structures are the go-to option for those who want cost-friendly and fast construction. The metal components are easy to assemble and set up, with little time needed to cure. This is unlike using materials such as concrete, which need several weeks to harden and cure before the structure is ready for use. Generally, metal construction works well for manufacturing, processing and warehousing facilities. Making the most of these structures requires a thorough understanding of the technology that goes into making the construction components. Don't settle for less, as you can use this information to learn everything you need:

The Design Phase

The design stage is critical for nailing your metal fabrication project. Here, the key is to understand the structural requirements of your building before fabricating the material need to build it. Your metal fabricator will give you a design team to determine the particular needs of your project. These requirements will guide the manufacturing and fabrication approach, ensuring that each component can live up to the needs of the project.

Some of the work that goes into the design involves creating three-dimensional models and exporting them into computer programmes. The fabricator lets you approve these designs before the fabrication process begins.

The Prototyping Phase

When you're finished with the design phase, your next focus is creating some prototypes to test the design before full-scale production starts. The best fabricators rely on techniques like CNC machining and laser cutting for fast-rate production of the prototypes. Completing them in the shortest possible period gives you adequate time to study them and make any necessary changes before the real production begins.

The Cutting Phase

Cutting is a critical stage done at the start of full-scale production. It gets your materials into the right shape and size needed to make the components of your structure. Generally, traditional cutting methods are available to most fabricators, but you are better off with fabricators who use laser cutting controlled by CNC machines. Such refined methods enable the cutting and fabrication of coated metals and stainless steels. Lasers also offer precision with high-speed cuts and meticulous profiling needed for construction materials.

The Folding Phase

The final stage involves fine-tuning your metal panels into parts that will fit your structure. Folding is best done using manual press brakes, automated robotic folders and panel folding machinery. The density of the materials and other intrinsic properties determine the pace at which fabricators will produce the finished parts.

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