Why Should Manufacturers Outsource Metal Finishing?

9 December 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Whether you are talking about components or final products, finishing them in a reliable coating is something that takes expertise if it is to be done efficiently. Even some of the largest production facilities in Australia will outsource their metalwork finishing to third-party suppliers because it is a more convenient approach to take. For small and medium-sized manufacturers, not to mention fabrication firms, doing so will often make even more sense. Why? Read on to find out.

Quality Metal Colouring

Although most manufacturing businesses will be able to apply lacquer or a coat of paint to their metal products, this is unlikely to offer as good a finish as a metal powder coating company can offer. Essentially, this comes down to the fact that powder coating creates a more even sheen on the material it is applied to. If you compare that to paint, for example, where you will often see streaking or even drips forming, powder coating wins hands down. What's more, most metal powder coating specialists in Australia can turn their hand to a wide range of other materials, including plastic and MDF. So, if you manufacture items made from multiple materials, you can always expect the same high-quality finish.

Improve Your Bottom Line

A typical powder coating company can turn around a batch of components or end products much more quickly than is possible with paint finishes even when the manufacturer in question has a kiln to speed the drying process up. This is because resin-based powder coatings are fast to cure and can be sent back to your production facility within hours for a quality inspection. In turn, this will speed up production times and mean less time is wasted, improving efficiency and profitability at the same time.

Product Protection

Another important aspect of turning to a powder coating company is that it will provide every single one of your finished products with a high level of scratch resistance. Additionally, powder coating will protect most metals from exposure to the elements which will lengthen their operational lifespans, an important consideration when such products will be installed outdoors. Furthermore, any powder coated products that end up going into the public realm, such as play equipment or railings, for example, will be more resistant to graffiti and attempted vandalism. In turn, this should mean that manufacturers develop a reputation for making durable products which last, something that can improve a manufacturing company's brand and lead to repeat custom.

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