Are You Looking for a New Boiler?

9 November 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Do you have a steam boiler powering the equipment at your place of work? Industrial boilers play an important role in many industrial sectors and having a boiler that is close to becoming expired can often present a serious problem. When you must choose a new boiler you soon discover that industrial boilers are available in multiple configurations and choosing the right one can present a serious challenge. Here are two things that you must ensure before choosing your next boiler.

Is it compatible?

If you are fitting out a new facility, then you have the advantage of starting with the boiler and building the rest of your system around it. In most cases, you won't have that luxury and you must make certain that the industrial boilers you are considering will work with the existing technology in your building. Think about how much steam pressure you need to generate. If you need to use high-pressure steam, then water tube industrial boilers should be the focus of your attention. If a lower steam pressure will be sufficient for your needs, then firetube industrial boilers should be sufficient for your purposes.

Do you have access to the right fuel source?

While it may be steam that your industrial boilers produce, the boilers must have a fuel source to create that steam. Conventionally, industrial boilers will have used coal as their fuel source; however, there are many competing options available for more modern industrial boilers. If you are replacing an existing boiler, then your first thought could be that you will want to keep using the same fuel source but that isn't always wise. It is important to think about the longer-term availability of your chosen fuel and consider any likely fluctuations in cost over time. In addition to coal, industrial boilers can be fuelled by oil, biomass, and natural gas. Each of these options comes with a range of challenges but securing your supply is likely to be the biggest concern. Coalfields can become worked out which would lead to you seeking supplies at greater distances and increased costs. Biomass is increasingly popular, but it is a natural waste product and unless you have someone nearby creating it you may struggle to obtain sufficient amounts of it. Oil and gas should be readily available but it is always best to ensure you have multiple supply fuel options available before committing to a boiler.

For more information, contact an industrial boiler supplier.