Have You Thought About Oil Flushing?

23 September 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Can you really tell how well your hydraulic machinery is operating? There may sometimes be faults that are sudden and obvious, and these can be fixed. There can be other times when all you notice is an almost imperceptible slowing of efficiency that builds over time until eventually, your equipment fails. If your hydraulic systems are starting to lose efficiency, then you need to act quickly to return them to peak efficiency and stop your company losing time and money.

How can you restore the efficiency of your turbines?

One of the most effective ways to boost lost efficiency is to arrange for oil flushing. While you might not think that flushing the oil in your machinery will make much difference, that isn't true. Oil flushing is a great way of clearing out accumulated contaminants that could be building up within your equipment. If you fail to remove these contaminants, then you could find that after a while your lubrication system will become completed clogged up and could require more intensive attention to get it working again.

Is oil flushing really worthwhile?

Every business operates on the basis of a series of compromises. It would be great to have your machinery fully serviced every week, but in the real world that won't happen; servicing that frequently would be prohibitively expensive and would significantly reduce the amount of time available for work. With these considerations in mind, perhaps you think that oil flushing isn't worth the time or that the benefits accruing from it just aren't significant enough to warrant the investment. If that is the way that you think, then it is worth bearing in mind that oil flush can result in substantial cost benefits. Oil flushing helps your machinery run more smoothly and reduces the likelihood that it will fail in service causing unscheduled downtime. Unscheduled downtime can be one of the most expensive costs for your company. Often it only takes one machine to fail, and you will have workers standing idle and will be behind on your production schedule. Arranging for oil flushing at a time that suits you will help to minimise delays like this.

After oil flushing takes place

When oil flushing is completed, you should find that your hydraulic systems are operating at or around perfect tolerance. You will be left with a more efficient piece of machinery that has a prolonged working life.