3 Benefits of Installing Hand Sanitiser Stands in Your Workplace

4 September 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to implement the most effective infectious disease prevention strategies. Apart from practising social distancing in the workplace, it is advisable to observe other safety guidelines to keep your workforce and clients safe from the deadly virus and other infectious diseases. Installation of hand sanitiser stands is one of the top safety strategies that you need to consider. Installing the stands at the communal areas of your industrial properties will help in maintaining hygiene at work and minimising the spread of bacteria and other infections. There are a variety of styles of hand sanitiser stands that you can use at your place of work. If you choose the most appropriate ones for your business, you will enjoy the following benefits:

They Minimise Contact

Installing hand sanitiser stands at the most strategic points in your business premises is a great strategy to combat cross-infection. It is advisable to choose the no-touch sanitiser stands. Unlike the conventional stands and dispensers, the no-touch ones are effective because they enhance minimal contact, which minimises the spread of viruses. Once you install automated sanitiser dispensers and stands in your workplace, your employees will be safe from infections, which will boost their productivity.  

They Encourage Usability

Automated hand sanitiser stands and dispensers are suitable for your industrial properties because they will encourage your employees to clean their hands regularly. It is imperative to strategically position them to avoid close contact and to minimise the number of transmissions among your employees. For instances, it is advisable to install them at entry points to boost the image of your business and to maintain hygiene. These areas are easy to access. Your employees will never be tempted to skip sanitising their hands.    

They Are More Economical to Use  

Unlike the pocket-sized hand sanitisers, the automated dispensers and stands are economical to have in your workplace. When using the traditional hand sanitising methods, there will be no uniformity in the amount of sanitiser dispensed at a single time. Automated hand sanitiser stands will save you a lot of money every month because there will be uniformity in dispensation and no misuse of sanitiser. 

If you own industrial properties, it is your responsibility to keep your employees and clients secure against infections and viruses. Sanitising your workplace will create a healthy environment and eliminate the breeding grounds of bacteria. You should choose a reliable and licensed company to customise hand sanitiser stands for you, which will make them convenient for both your clients and employees. Selecting the best stands will enhance easy and secure dispensation of sanitiser. It is an excellent strategy to encourage your customers and staff to clean their hands routinely.