Would you like to install a flagpole?

30 June 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Driving more customers to your business is a central business strategy for every company, and often, an important part of that strategy is ensuring that your business premises are noticed by those who pass by or are in the vicinity. In most streets, there are a number of commercial premises, and it can be easy for your company to be missed if you don't make the effort to be seen by potential customers. When you want to be seen from a distance, flying a flag can be a great way to attract attention. Perhaps you have a recognisable company logo that you want people to see? Maybe you could fly a flag of a popular manufacturer so that everyone will know that you stock their products? Flags can be a useful advertising tool, but to fly a flag you must first install a flagpole.

Choosing your new flagpole

When you visit a flagpole manufacturer, then you know that you want to buy a flagpole, but you may not be certain what type of flagpole would be the right choice for your company. You could wander around their premises and look at the range of colours, sizes and materials on offer, but unless you have thought about the type of flagpole you need for your location, you will still leave the flagpole manufacturer without buying anything.

Selecting your flagpole

The first thing which you must settle is whether your flagpole will be a temporary or permanent feature. Your flagpole manufacturer is likely to have examples of both temporary and permanent flagpoles. In general, temporary flagpoles will have wheeled bases or ground spikes and will only be used for exhibitions and other short-term shows. However, you might want the freedom to move your flagpole around your site rather than having it fixed into one location. A permanent flagpole will be able to withstand more extreme weather conditions but will be tricky to move when you are required to relocate it.

Is it legal?

While flagpoles are a common sight on commercial premises, it is always worth checking whether or not you need permission for a flagpole. Depending on the intended location of the pole and how high it will be, you could find that planning consent is needed before you install it. Your flagpole manufacturer will be able to help you assess the final height of your flagpole once it is installed.

Contact a flagpole manufacturer for more information.