Benefits of Perspex Boxes for Jewelry Stores

19 June 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

While general retail businesses can use plain display units for their products and still make sales, jewellery stores cannot afford to do the same. You must choose top-notch display solutions to attract customers and gain a competitive edge. One way to accomplish this is by using Perspex boxes to display your jewellery. This article highlights the benefits of Perspex boxes for jewellery stores. 

Easily Fabricated

The jewellery boxes you see in most stores are either, square, rectangular or circular. The monotony of such display shapes can be overwhelmingly dull, especially for clients who are looking for unique pieces and must check out several stores. Most of the standard display units are made of glass, which is difficult and expensive to fabricate or customise. On the other hand, Perspex is easy to fabricate into unique shapes, thereby making the material ideal for jewellery displays boxes. For example, a heart-shaped pendant can be displayed in a Perspex box with a similar form. Additionally, Perspex boxes with unique shapes can be installed at the centre of a store to act as a focal point for attracting customers.

Remains Transparent for a Long Time

Just like any other retail store, you must strive to make your storefront display unit as captivating as possible to capture the attention of passersby. Therefore, the jewellery pieces in a storefront must be housed in clear, transparent boxes. While a glass box can be used, it tends to turn yellow when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Therefore, you need to replace the glass regularly, which is expensive and disruptive to business operations. In contrast, Perspex boxes are fade-resistant, and thus, the best option for storefront jewellery display units. Perspex remains clear even after years of exposure to direct sunlight. All you have to do is dust display boxes regularly to keep the surface clean.

Burglar Proof

According to Victoria's Crime Statistics Agency, the crime rate in the state rose by almost 20% in 2017, and this was partly because of increased jewellery store robberies. Jewellery stores that bear the brunt of burglaries display their products in reinforced glass boxes. However, it is easy to break glass display boxes, even if they have a locking system. However, Perspex boxes are more robust than glass boxes of the same thickness. Most importantly, Perspex boxes act as a deterrent for jewellery store burglaries since they are tough to break or compromise.