Formatubes: Three Important Features to Look for When Buying Formatubes

17 March 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When working on construction projects, it is essential to save money and time. Using formatubes to make concrete is one of the ways you can do that. They provide a quick and more efficient way of putting up pillars. Here are three features to consider when buying formatubes.  


Think about the size of the column you want to build. That should guide you on the size of the tube that you need to buy. They come in various sizes. Consider the height of the column you are building as well as the width. Ensure that you have the correct measurements before you go to the shop or order online. A formatube is a bulky item, and returning it will be costly for you. In case you use it and realize your mistake later, it will be even more expensive because you will have to demolish the column. You will lose money on both the concrete and the tube.  

After the shipment arrives, take time to check the measurements before you start using it. It is crucial, as the tube could be of the right height but the wrong width. If you use it, the column will not be as strong as you planned.  


Think about the quality of the tube you buy. Ensure it is strong enough to hold the concrete when poured. Concrete is heavy and wet; the pipe should not soak up the water and tear. It should also maintain its shape even after you pour the concrete. That way, you have columns in good shape.  They will carry the weight of higher floors without cracking or crumbling. Buy tubes that have wire mesh reinforcement. They are much more reliable than ordinary ones.  

Smooth Finish 

Formatube manufacturers use cardboard to make them. They roll the cardboard several times. If you look inside some tubes, you may see many fine lines where the cardboard pieces overlapped. That is not the case for all similar tubes. The presence of these lines means that your concrete column will not have a smooth finish. If you are building decorative columns, you may incur further costs to get rid of the lines. Ensure that you check the tubes to ensure that they have a smooth texture. That will allow you to pick designs for your decorative columns.  

If you are looking to save time when constructing columns, make use of formatubes. Look for the above features to ensure you get high-quality columns.