The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Pallet for Your Storage needs

5 March 2020
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Pallets are essential for assembling, storing and transporting goods. They protect and hold items in a stable position while being lifted by a pallet jacket or forklift. You can opt to use plastic, wood or metal pallets. You do not have to source new pallets every time you need to transport your items. Used pallets will also get the job done. Choosing the right pallet ensures that protect shipment and prevent unnecessary losses. Below are detailed tips to help you choose the right pallet for your business needs.

Choose Suitable Materials

Woods pallets are the most common type of pallets. The main reason why people opt for wood pallets is that they are recyclable and reusable. They can be recyclable to construct furniture and other wood products such as wood kids beds.

 Essentially, wood pallets are a durable, biodegradable and cost-effective option. Hardwood pallets will serve you for years on end. You can repair them easily when they break. On the other hand, plastics pallets are durable, stiff and lightweight. They also boast of high-performance attributes.

Consider Used Pallets

New pallets can cost you a significant sum of money. Purchasing used pallets allows you to acquire pallets at a better price. They are a suitable option for people operating under a shoestring budget. If you only need pallets for one time use, it is prudent to acquire used pallets. The good news is that used pallets are reconditioned and refurbished to offer excellent services for anyone on a tight budget.

Supply retailers and local shops will sometimes give away used pallets. Distribution centres also set aside pallets that are incompatible with their systems. You can also find used pallets left outside big business premises. However, be sure to ask if you can take the pallets with you. Otherwise, you may risk facing theft charges. Big companies have put an ownership stamp on their pallets. Removing these stamps can get you charged with unlawful possession. 

Determine the Right Dimensions

The standard size of wood pallets in Australia is 1165×1165 mm. However, you can always get a smaller or larger pallet, depending on your storage needs. Alternatively, you can request customised new pallets according to your size requirements.

Shop Around

When purchasing pallets for your business needs, shop around to get the best price. Visit several pallet manufacturers and merchant stores. Ask for a sample to determine if the quality matches your preference.

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