Understanding Gear Grinding When Manufacturing Spur Gears

27 February 2020
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Spur gears have a range of applications in modern production and processing facilities. They have found a home in power plants, fuel pumps, washing machines, steel mills, rolling mills and metal cutting machinery. Typically, these types of gears comprise large discs with specially designed cogs on their edges so that they can fit into other spur gears. The set up creates a block that allows you to set various gears in motion, enabling you to run several kinds of equipment. Gears with bad quality finishing are susceptible to rapid wear and tear because of friction and heat. Your spur gear must have a good finishing. Read the following piece to learn about the importance of gear grinding when making spur gears.

Gear Grinding Explained

Gear grinding is a process of finishing a spur gear to enhance its efficiency after installation. It involves removing small pieces of excess metal without interfering with the integrity of the whole gear. Most gear manufacturers use the abrasion technique where they rub a rough surface over the area that needs better finishing. The coarse material scrapes the spur gear at high speed and removes the excess, unwanted material. 

Gear Grinding Techniques

Manufacturers apply to technique when grinding a spur gear. These techniques are: 

  1. Generating grinding — this grinding technique happens in such a manner that the spur gear moves along the abrasive equipment to form vertical splines. The final step involves polishing the abraded gear to fill the spaces between all the splines. This ensures that the spur gear has a perfectly smooth surface after grinding. 
  2. Form grinding — this grinding technique also goes by the name non-generating grinding. Here, a disc wheel grinds all the sides on the splines on the gear material. The disc wheel comes with an involute form that controls the process and ensures perfectly even surface by the time it is all over. 

Gear Grinding Machines

Manufacturers use specialised machines to complete the process of gear grinding. When you want to buy a spur gear, a little knowledge of the equipment used for the grinding process can help you select the best quality spur gears. Go for spur gears ground using universal grinding machines. These machines are adaptable to different grinding methods as per the manufacturer's requirements. They enable your manufacturer to meet the demands of modern spur gears for both large and small-scale production. Additionally, the universal machines come with a good quality abrasive surface for the best post-grinding results. A good example is a diamond abrasive.

For more information, contact a spur gear manufacturer.